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Equine Mortality Coverage

Have you invested time or money in your horse?
The financial investment in your horse is too important to go unprotected. Buck & Affiliates Insurance West can obtain you Mortality, Theft and Major Medical coverage that will reimburse you for the death, theft, humane destruction or medical expenses of a covered horse.

Equine Mortality

A full mortality policy provides coverage for death as a result of an injury, illness, or humane destruction, and includes loss or death as a result of theft. Coverage territory includes the continental U.S.A. and Canada. Premiums are based on the horse’s breed, age, and use.
Full Mortality policies also include:

  • Colic Surgery – coverage of up to $3,000, including aftercare.
  • Value Endorsement – if the value of the horse at any time during the policy period was equal to the limit of liability, the insured will be paid that amount.
  • Guaranteed Extension Coverage – in the event of a condition occurring and reported during the policy period, mortality coverage for that condition will automatically continue for up to 12 months from the expiration date.

Additional mortality coverages available include:

Major Medical & Surgical Coverages

  • $7,500 Annual Aggregate Limit coverage offers a limit of up to $7,500, not to exceed the horse’s insured mortality limit, subject to a $300 deductible.
  • $10,000 Annual Aggregate Limit, subject to a $300 deductible.

Our medical coverages are some of the best available in the marketplace.

Medical coverages include:

  • Diagnostics – up to the full limit of the medical coverage is available for diagnostics, often a significant cost in examining and treating an ill or injured horse.
  • Lameness – Coverages have no limitations on diagnostics or continuing care for lameness or other conditions.
  • No Co-Pays – Coverages have no co-pays.
  • Continuing Care – Coverages have no continuing care time limits.
  • Navicular, arthritis, and DJD – Conditions such as navicular, arthritis, and DJD are not automatically excluded in medical coverages.
  • Medical extensions – Coverages provide for up to 30 days additional coverage after expiration. Some companies have no extension on medical conditions occurring just prior to expiration.
  • Surgical Only coverage – Coverage has a $5,000 annual limit, a $0 deductible, and up to 100% of the cost of the surgery is available for aftercare coverage, making this coverage one of the best surgical plans available in the market.
  • Colic Medical and Surgical – Coverage provides an annual limit of the lesser of $3,000 or sixty percent (60%) of the mortality limit of liability, for cost of medical and surgical colics including aftercare, subject to a $300 deductible.

Other Coverages

  • Third Party Liability – provides coverage in the event the insured horse causes bodily injury or property damage to a third party.
    Territorial Limits Including Transit – Mortality coverages may be extended to include coverage while transporting to, from, and while staying in other approved countries.
  • Stallion Infertility for A, S, & D – Coverage in the event a proven stallion becomes permanently incapable of settling mares in foal as a result of an accident, sickness, or disease. Pays up to 100% of the limit of liability.
  • External Injury Loss of Use – Coverage for if the insured horse becomes totally and permanently unfit for its insured use as a result of a visible, external, accidental and violent means injury. Pays up to 50% of the limit of liability.
  • Full Loss of Use – Coverage for if the insured horse suffers an illness or injury, and as a result becomes totally and permanently unfit for its insured use. Pays up to 50% of the limit of liability.
  • Named Perils – Available to horses of any age over 24 hours, this coverage is for death as a result of specific named causes such as fire and lightning, and includes coverage for theft.