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We have a new Team Member!

Hey everyone! It’s Dusty here at the Equine Insurance Shop. Sorry for the Hiatus, we had to take some time away from the blog because we have been so busy meeting new friends and customers. Thanks to all of you who have been working with us for the last year and who have helped get The Equine Insurance Shop to the place we are today. We look forward to continuing to build on our friendships and business relationships with all of you. We especially look forward to the chance to meet and learn more about those of you who have yet to call in. What are you waiting for? (509 244-6399 is the magic number) Call and discuss your horse life with us today.

I have gotten off track though, The purpose for this post is to introduce our newest team member Debbie Dunlop. We welcomed her to the Buck & Affiliates West family last year, and now she is going to join us here in the Equine Insurance Shop side of the business. Debbie has had long career and insurance, and in the horse industry. But I think I will let you learn more about her from Debbie herself. Debbie will be contributing to the blog with myself so you will hopefully be hearing from her quite often. Please do not hesitate to call in and talk with either one of us if you have any horse related insurance questions.

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